About me Dr. Alexander Osipov from September 2010 to May 2017 was a Senior Research Associate of the European Centre for Minority Issues (Flensburg, Germany) and was heading ECMI’s Justice & Governance Cluster. 
Previously he worked in the Russian Academy of Sciences and in the Human Rights Centre ‘Memorial’ and was involved in a series of research and human rights advocacy projects on minorities and non-discrimination. Currently his research interests include ethnic and racial discrimination, non-territorial autonomy, and ethno-cultural diversity policies. He is also doing research on post-communist transformation in Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova. Among his publications are Institutional Legacies of Communism – Change and Continuities in Minority Protection, New York, NY: Routledge, 2013 (ed. with Karl Cordell and Timofey Agarin); The Challenge of Non-Territorial Autonomy: Theory and Practice, Oxford and Bern: Peter Lang, 2013 (ed. with Ephraim Nimni and David J. Smith); (2014) (together with Mikalai Biaspamiatnykh et al.) Policies of Ethno-Cultural Diversity Management in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine: between Soviet Legacies and European Standards, Vilnius: European Humanities University (in Russian); Managing Diversity through Non-Territorial Autonomy: Assessing Advantages, Deficiencies, and Risks, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015 (with Tove H. Malloy and Balázs Vizi); (2012) Perceptions of Equality on Ethnic Grounds in Russia, Moscow: Sova. 200 p. (in Russian).