BARI Global Network
Who We Are
We are enthusiastic, talented scholars, researchers and practitioners coming from different disciplines, backgrounds and countries, including both Global North and Global South.
BARI Global Network is international, multidisciplinary and global initiative which seeks to critically examine how to govern and approach an increasing diversity in the contemporary societies. We aim to foster collaboration and connections between scholars, researchers and practitioners coming from different backgrounds and from Global South and Global North. 
Our network  was established by Svetluša Surova together with BIARI alumni 2016 and other distinguished scholars, researchers and practitioners across the globe. Founder of the network has written and proposed project entitled Governing Diversity in the 21st Century, which has won highly competitive BIARI Seed Grant Award in 2016 from the prestigious Brown International Advanced Research Institutes- BIARI, based at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, Rhode Island, US. 
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Research That Matters
Knowledge and wisdom in the service of freedom, equality, justice and peace